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Tall Building
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'Sup guys,
just adding this discussion here for you guys to share some tips to help make the newbs in our outfit better players/ team players. These tips may also help freshen the memories of any veteran players.

Tall Building
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I'll start off with this one tip. Press Q everytime you see an enemy to spot him/her before engaging, I've been caught in an ambush countless times just because the only person who saw the enemy did not bother to spot the enemy, then gets himself killed, and then leaves no mark over the hostiles head for any of us to chase. In the end that one terran or vanu could take out a chunk of a squad.
Lord Gallus

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Just a few things I've picked up here and there.

-If you are a pilot bind pitch up and pitch down to easy to press keys (mine is mouse4 and 5). This will let you bank at the fastest possible speed and allows for easier dog fighting.
-In the general setting you can find options for toggle sprint, toggle aim and an option to set your HUD to be more centralized making it easier for you to see your health/shield/energy bars.
-When playing infiltrator, wait until your target has stopped moving and only shoot when you are certain it will be a head shot. This will stop the indicator from showing up that lets the enemy now which direction you are in.
-Also as an infiltrator, your stealth breaks any tag you have on you, making it super easy to relocate if the enemy has spotted you.
-When driving any land vehicle, you should press L to turn off your lights. They only serve to make you easier to spot by the enemy, especially at night.
-If you are flying a Reaver and have a missile locked on to you and no flares, try to take sharp turns around large objects like a large rock formation or building. This can cause the missile to hit the object instead of you.
-When using AA always remember to lead (shoot in front) of your target, practice this and you will learn how much you should lead based on speed, distance, and type of aircraft.
-If in the gunner seat for a Sunderer, don't shoot at aircraft that haven't spotted you yet.

I am sure there is more that I can't think of at the moment. But these should do for now.
Hope this is helpfull to someone

Small Building
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That heavy assault default gun is very good at medium\long distance , if you use a single shot 2-3 and its game over for the other guy, I have used this several times to out shoot snipers (just take your time line up the shot then 3 quick clicks) the gun has terrible recoil \ spread by default but man that first shot hits where ever the irons are , i play a  fair bit of dayz but if you can take your time its win. 



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- when playing Infiltrator press Shift to hold breath, it will stop your aim from floating and will help to land clear headshots
- try out HS NV Scope (thermal), it highlights all players as white with grey background, making its very easy to see enemies in dark places and/or hiding behind objects, can even clearly see stealthed infiltrators, it will also allow you to see enemies through smoke and explosions
- don't use thermal for weapons on vehicles because its too short range, use night vision (green) as it has significantly longer range
- when walking into doors/stairs or approaching important objectives always look where you step, there can be landmines/claymores that will kill you if you'll get too close, they are easy to see and can be shot
- Light Assault, Medic, Heavy Assault can carry 2 charges of C4 that can kill any tank and take out 90% of sunderer's health, never buy C4 for Engineers as they have land mines which are more powerful
- when assaulting Amp Stations enemies using jump pods on surrounding towers to quickly move to generators, placing land mines on landing pads on top of towers will give you free kills and will hinder enemy mobility
- Engineers can supply ammo even when have Land/Tank mines equipped, just select your turret and press 'B', it will switch you to ammo dispensing mode
- if you have been shot and have no medic around but have infantry terminal, use it to switch to medic and use his ability to heal yourself than switch back to whatever you were playing
- when taking enemy base do not kill terminals, hack them and use to obtain vehicles/supplies directly in the middle of enemy base
- in aircrafts rebind 'Exit Vehicle' button to something different than 'E' as it's too easy to hit by accident and it's not something you want to happen when you are at 400m above the ground just because you missed Reload button

- buy Ammo packs for your sunderer, it will give you massive xp from supplying surrounding vehicles with ammo and help ally players running tank columns away from ammo depots
- and FFS all you noobs don't shoot enemy aircrafts passing by when in sunderer!!! sunderer is important strategic tool that have to be hidden and protected at all costs, you only have around 1% chance of hitting passing scythe
ONCE!!! but your position will be instantly highlighted on minimaps of all enemies in the area

Towering Structure
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Small Building
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Originally Posted by Lord Gallus
-If you are a pilot bind pitch up and pitch down to easy to press keys (mine is mouse4 and 5). This will let you bank at the fastest possible speed and allows for easier dog fighting.

This is awesome advice, I have hardly lost any dogfights since doing this - thanks!

Tall Building
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Try binding your cockpit free look for your aircraft to a key you could easily press with your left hand (mine's on E). The free look will sometimes give u a better view of something than 3rd person, plus the free look can allow you to fire A2A missiles onto enemies on your sides.

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My best pro tip during a CQC battle is to be one with the character... kinda like that starwars yoda shit....
i prefer to use a shotgun(claw) and using good quality headphones, you can hear foot steps and the direction where shots had been fired... and also listen carefully to enemy chatter (being empire specific)

it helps big time...

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Some people don't know the difference between repelling aircraft, and utterly destroying them. When taking on an AA role (works best with Bursters or AA Phalanx turrets), do not shoot aircraft that is extremely far away (like lets say: above 700 in-game meters). enemies would go near you since they don't think that their in danger. The time that their entire craft fits in your reticule is when they are shredded by flak so thick that destruction becomes the only outcome. [Results may vary; some aircraft may have armor, pilots may pay attention more, better ground coordination, AA might get nerfed after the date this is posted, etc.]

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PRO TIP: DONT DIE.... just kidding

From my experience as a medic my best tips would be:

- Before reviving or healing anyone make sure its safe (just like in first aid) shoot them baddies

- Treat MAXes like ladies... they go 1st

- Dont be greedy with the revives...

- Activate skill to save your life AND the lives of your buddies

- Standard gun is best gun... just add foregrip and comfortable sight

- take cover while healing or reviving

- abuse them angles

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Heavy Assault Tips
-EM6 or SAW. Anchor is good but is CQC oriented, so you are better off with a shotty or smg. SAW S and the GD22s are cheaper EM6 alternatives with a lower TTK.
- Always get the comp and foregrip. Laser sight unless adv. laser is useless on LMGs. Ex.Mags is good if you like to spray.
-Flak armor is the way to go. Nano 1 lets you survive 1 more bullet, while nano 5 lets you survive 2.
Flak armor at 2 lets you survive grenades. At 3 claymores, at 5 you are sort of immune to most explosives with 45% (i think).
- Resist Shield and NMG is a very heated debate. I like RS as it recharges faster and lasts longer.
-Tank armor changes have nerfed all other factions side armor upgrade, leaving the vanguard alone, making our side armor more effective.
- Freedom Launcher is a must, the shrike will do for anything else.
-The sweeper is 250 certs now. Anyone without a proper CQC weapon will be wise to grab it.

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